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Bub’n Mutha’s Honey n’HEAT Pan Blackened Salmon

Bub’n Mutha’s Honey n’HEAT Pan Blackened Salmon

Serves 4 Ingredients 4 each, 5-6 oz. portions of Fresh Salmon filet 2 T each, Butter and olive oil As needed, Honey n’HEAT 4 portions,Your favorite luncheon Salad Instructions:  With a sharp paring knife, lightly, on the flesh side, Criss Cross salmon 1/8 inch deep....

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Bub’s Blasted Bullets

Bub’s Blasted Bullets

(For 24 Bullets) 12 good size jalapeno peppers halved and seeds scooped out. I package cream cheese. Sausage meat browned 24 pieces of bacon. (Half of package piece should be enough) 1 package Lil' smokies mini wieners. Bub 'n Mutha's Honey 'n Heat After browning the...

New Bub ‘n Mutha’s rub recipe with sides

Step by step we smoke the ribs and finish with a blend of our homemade BBQ sauce and some Blues Hog sauce blended in. For the beans we used 7 bls of beans, peaches and peach pie filling, brown sugar, ground sausage and some bacon. The Mac & Cheese has the trimmings from the ribs which we smoked as well.

Bub ‘n Mutha’s Cooking For ONE!

Never be afraid to light your grill even if you’re only cooking for one or two people. Just follow what we’re doing today and cook up multiple meals. That way you can enjoy some BBQ during the week when work or weather prevents you from cooking outside.

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