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Bub ‘n Mutha’s blends spices for discerning cooks who appreciate flavor and who want a more robust spice rub.  We are certain those people exist, and as such, I will continue making a better rub. ~ John Fuhrman

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100 percent natural- no preservatives
100 percent natural- no preservatives
100 percent natural- no preservatives
100 percent natural- no preservatives

What our customers are saying:

“Found your DownEast Dinnah Dust at Reny’s while on vacation in ME. Been prepping my steaks and burgers with it ever since and just ordered more. Love the “feel” of it, the smell, and of course, the taste! A proud VOB is always good to see and support too. Keep up the great work and a big ‘thank YOU’ from Somerset, NY!”


“We love them. Used the Honey ‘n Heat on a rotisserie turkey last night and everyone loved it as well.”

Billie-Jo R.

Swans Island, ME

Just know this stuff is so good that It should come with a warning label for
“Addicting Flavor” As most know, I use this on about anything I eat. My daughter and granddaughter do too –
it’s a family thing!

Hayley P.

I started by tasting each of the rubs they sent me. I tried their Down East Dinnah Dust first. As soon as I opened it I was happy! Most cheap rubs are all salt and sugar. This one wasn’t. When I tasted it there was a nice sweetness without all the sugar. There was just a touch of salt which is needed to enhance meat flavor but is usually overdone. It has a touch of fruit taste and some complex spice/herb flavors. Then I tried their Honey ‘n Heat rub. Again, it looks like real ingredients instead of a mixture of sugar and salt. It has just a touch sweeter with a nice background of honey. There is definitely some heat but it isn’t offensive. It just slowly grows to a nice warmth. We Used these spices on ribs and were in love!! I highly recommend them find the one that is right for your taste or be like me and get ’em all!

Mariah L.